Main features
- Nick protection
- Special Skin*
- Reserved server slot*
- Protection for AFK kick*

- VIP members get an access to a special menu (while VIP membership is active). The menu is activated through a \\\"vipmenu\\\" chat cammand (say /vipmenu).
- Complete grenade set during round start.
- Full armor during each round start.
- Ability to buy sniper rifles.
- More features will be added, we are working on are system!

**AMXmodx options
- VIP Privileges.
- Admin Say (@ and the text).
- Admin Spectator ESP. (esp_toggle in console to enable)
- amx_slay ir amx_slap commands.
- BAN,KICK (amx_ban time nick reason) (amx_kick nick).
- Vote map (amx_votemap \\\"map\\\").
- Vote (amx_vote \\\"Question?\\\" \\\"answer1\\\" \\\"answer2\\\").<br />