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Server Administration
Server founders, administrators actions are final and not subject to appeal.


General servers rules!
- It is forbidden to swear or insult other players and it doesn't matter in which chat! Respect others like you respect yourself.
- Racism is not tolerated.
- It is strictly forbidden to use any type of cheats, scripts which ease gameplay.
- It is strictly forbidden to use Ventrilo (VT ) , Skype : Public, WAR3 servers. :headset
- It is strictly forbidden to use any map bugs or glitches.
- It is strictly forbiden to deliberatly obstruct your teammates. (team fb, team block).
- 32bit color is not optional. \r\n- Advertisement of any kind is forbidden.
- Do not use single-color skins ! ( Red & Blue )
- No one from administration going to watch 47protocol . dem files.
- It is strictly forbidden to Ban another ADMIN. If you see that admin is violating rules, write violation report with proofs (Demo or SS).
- It is strictly forbidden to use any methods with model or game bugging (skin change, etc.)
- It is strictly forbidden to use any type of MODS
- Players are allowed to ignore made up rules
- English language only should be used in Admin Chat.(Say:@ text)

Maps With Objectives:
Bomb Scenario:
- Camping is allowed for bouth sides, Terrorists camping with C4 will be kicked/slayed!
- Players should do they respective objective, if not they will be kicked/slayed!

- Run down the round timer without the Terrorists ever planting the C4 explosive or eliminate all Terrorists.
Defuse the C4 after it has been planted.

- Plant the C4 explosive and run down its countdown without the Counter-Terrorists defusing it or eliminate all Counter-Terrorist.

Hostage Scenario:
- Camping is allowed for bouth sides. Ct's can also camp where they want but they also will be kick / slayed because they didn't go to save hostages!

- Rescue at least half of the hostages and there are no remaining living or un-rescued hostages or eliminate all Terrorists.

- Run down the round timer without the Counter-Terrorists rescuing more than half of the hostages and there are no remaining living or un-rescued hostages or eliminate all Counter-Terrorist.

Admin rules
Acquaintance with these rules is a must!

- Ban any type cheat users with amx_banmenu or amx_ban 0 nick reason
- Gag players for swearing/insults , meaningless 'voice'; chat use! ( amx_gag nick 999999999999999 )
- Administrator must review banned players ban appeal, review .Dem and photos. After review of files write to one of the administrators.

- Ban/Kick HLTV
- Ban/Kick Players With nick Player Player(1) without reason
- Swearing, Use of cheats.
- Slap/slay , transfer other players to the other team for no reason.
- Threaten with ban.
- Ban without reason.
- Reaviling other players location via @ admin chat.

Admin can't ban or punish another Admin, when ( must place evidence in forum )

- Sees that admin exploiting bugs (map bug , lm / air bug)
- Sees that admin abuse hes admin menu/ admin rights.
- Assumes that admin improperly performs his duties (doesn't ban hack users, without need changes map , threatens
- Players, swearing / flooding via @ ).
- Revenge - other admin did slap/slay/kick/ban

Ban time:
- Cheating : 0 min (permanently)
- Swearing: amx_gag 120 min
- Admin/Players insults : 200 minor amx_gag 200 min (second times ban/gag time doubles, third time perm.)
- abuse - 30 min.
- Advertising (includes advertising in Nick) : 30 min.
- Nick Tag copying : 5 min
- Meaningles use of teamsay ( @) : 25 min
- Swearing through teamsay ( @) : 500 Min. If other admin violates rules, report it on forum with proof (Demo or SS). Banning or solving problems by yourself strictly prohibited!

We reserve the right to remove admin rights from you,for breaking admin rules or abuse of admin rights , without MONEY BACK OR REFUND
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