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Registration on this forum is completely free and voluntary!
Before you registrer, please read the rules carefully.

We do not control your published information content, and we are not responsible of it. But we reserve the right to remove your published information out of Team-Evolved forum, if the information contradicts these rules or Dutch Laws.

I. General provisions and recommendations.

1. All messages reflects the author's opinion and administration is not responsible for it. Do not forget that we create our virtual life environment. So be tidy.

2. Don't pay any attention to provocateurs, do not provoke them, even if you think they insulted you- lack of attention self inhibits a stormy discussion. Everything else is moderators or administration work.

3. Forum is looked after by moderators and administration. Moderators look's after separate sections and can edit, remove, close / delete / move topics only in their section.

II. Offenses and restrictions.

1. Publish information, that: 1) Inciting ethnic, racial, religious, social and gender hatred; 2) Publishes, propagates, advertises abuse, pornography, sexual services, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, and other acts that contradicts information; 3) Information that slanders or insults individual and degrades its honor and dignity; 4) Offensive or harmful to any person; 5) violates any persons right to privacy; 6) Violates any other law of the Dutch Laws, and international agreements; 7) Violates any copyrights, trademarks or patent; 8) Promote the use of unauthorized game applications, settings, or other unfair advantage over other players.

2. Use "priory" false information, slander, and also unfairly discuss, Example: distort expressions of another participant, edit / delete your comments, with the intention to conceal / misrepresent their original meaning, but also to provoke the participants of the Forum, which could be a breach of these Terms of Service.

3. Use rude, obscene expressions and insults in any form, by placing coarse tone comments. Even if the controversial issue, even if you were right, for the behavior you will be warned.

4. Trash- post the forum with spam:
- Write/post things that do not comply with the theme (Off-topic) because that is excessive forums littering.
- Write messages that reply with an emoticon or one word, that is also considered trashing.

5. You should understand this form of communication, as a forum, and the specifics of its difference from the chat /chats. All forum messages stored for an indefinite period of time, the chat and they only exist for a few hours. Therefore, adoption forum to post messages that are not interesting for a few minutes (especially for individual participants), but comments that are interesting to read all the visitors and after a few months / years after they were written. Therefore, use the forum as chat is prohibited.

6. The forum does not tolerate dual user name (nickname) possession (especially in order to support her to another user, or to cause a dispute / intrigue).

7. Prohibited any commercial / distribution / advertising character (both the title and content of the subject and participant logo / avatars / title, and signature, and sent to the participants personal messages). Commercial Ads / signature will be deleted, and the participant will be personally warned, ban add comments or to have a signature. It can also be completely banned online forum.
Commercial nature of advertising offers, please write to:
- Prohibited mediation, organizing massive purchases, Exceptions: Such activity is allowed in thread (Personal ads), when conducting section rules are met.

8. Administration closed / remove / edit topics of discussion is forbidden to open new threads in order to resume the discussion closed / deleted / edited by moderator theme (with a few exceptions). To write to the Administrator, use e-mail or personal messaging service.

9. The forum is prohibited questions, comments, a request form to discuss the administration's actions (and the actions tailored to the individual, both in general and for controlling all activities of the Forum). The forum can be discussed in a common global policy specially designated topics, which opens itself Administration. If you want to say something or ask about administrative actions, ask in person (by e-mail or personal message).

10. Do not forget to read the Administration ads and messages about innovation forum and website.

11. Personal signature. Participant signature - a place for short, not holding a lot of space for personal motto, slogan, the favorite quotation; little, decent, pleasant picture / true about the picture; or 1-2 Counters / rail, which helps run time to an important event in your life and so on.
- Do not overload the photo captions;
- Huge overloaded signature complicate and prolong the time of turning the page to forum participants who have a slower Internet connection (not a site is loading extremely long);
- Do not post personal signature of any kind, advertising or commercial link. You'll receive a separate section on the forum - Personal ads
Signatures that do not meet these requirements, will be deleted without warning. Try to choose a short interesting subtle tasteful signature!

12. Avatar (logo). Your logo (a personal photo or picture). Photo / picture has to be decent: Team-Evolved forum avatars side with images of the object intimate part of your body is naked, uncovered; also prohibited Avatars depicting endorsing or advertising of sexual services, pornography, violence, drug use and so on.
Photos and images which do not meet these requirements, will be deleted without warning.

13. Forbidden to discredit forum. Participant that personalized messages, e-mails, or otherwise disseminated statements by other forum participants, which erodes the confidence of the Forum and its administration, authority, reduces honor compromises and slander, spread rumors, inviting participants to leave this forum and advertising links to other forums, may be subject to penalties (eg.: not send private messages or completely banned from the forum).

1. The decision about the penalty the offender accepts Forum Administration - Moderator or Administrator.

2. For participants who violate the rules may be subject to the following penalties:

Alerts (that is alerts or reminders that the participant is in breach of the rules and measures having equivalent effect:
- Messages repair or removal;
- Topics removal or closure;
- Verbal warning, edited by recorded message;
- Record of the evaluation section after the participant's avatar;
- Removed the ability to have a signature.
For each offense the participant may receive from one to a few warnings. After collecting a few warnings (depending on the severity of) the offender can be banned for a few days to write in the Forum.

3. Some forms of violation may be subject to additional penalties extraordinary:
- May be completely banned from forum.
- Removal of the user's name;
- Do not meet the rules topic closure / removal without notice.

4. Forum has the discretion to exclude one or the other party to participate in the Forum Reasons administration is not required to comment.

IV. Administration of appeal procedures.

1. All questions, suggestions / comments / appeals for moderation, Forum should be asked only e. mail or personal message, but at the same forum.

2. When you write an email, please indicate:
- your forum username;
- reference to the subject, and the message you want to discuss or contrary;
- arguments as to why you disagree with the decision of the Administration.
- Forum sole responsibility of the innocent and not in conflict with these rules mails.

4. Administration is not required to:

1) Reply to all messages sent. For example.: Questions, the answers set forth in these rules, or for themselves.
2) To explain the reason why it was some kind of action.

If the administration by e-mail message is sent to a rough tone, full of obscene expressions, the problem is not addressed at all, and disrespect to the author for the Administration may be subject to penalties (eg prohibited from posting in the forum / section or completely banned from the forum)
If you find illegal information forum, please immediately notify the Forum Admin e-mail:

All forum declared forbidden information will be removed, and the data on the individuals who publish this information may be transferred to justice according to the law enforcement authorities.
These rules apply from your visit site and during the period when you are using a version of the service.

What is Team-Evolved Officer:

Team-Evolved Officers are responsible only for BANS on servers.
Their job is to review Created Appeals, and decide who will be UNBANNED who NOT.
They don't have the permission to give a BAN from web system (only edit/unban allowed).
They have the permission to Lock/Unlock threads if they are full flooded, created in the wrong way, etc.
Team-Evolved Officers are also MODS, that means they should be respected same as Admins/Moderators!

Team-Evolved Officer must to Follow:

1. Check and review appeals where no one from staff has written nothing yet.
2. None of the Bans can be removed without Appeal in forum.
3. No Flood, Blame, Swearing, Spamming, Offtopic in Ban Appeal threads!
4. You must respect all the members - as they have to respect you.
5. All Ban Appeals must be Checked > Approved > Locked > Moved to "Ban Archive".
6. If one Player is banned by Administrator/Moderator - do NOT touch it! (You can comment: Wait for: Nick)
7. Forum moderators/administrators have a higher rank, thus they don't need approval.

The administration reserves the right to change / add / improve the rules.
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